QuickBooks App: Mileage Tracking

Do you track your mileage using the QuickBooks app 2022? Here are some instructions on how.

Open the QuickBooks Online app and select Mileage from the Shortcuts menu > toggle the Auto Tracking feature to “On” > select your phone’s location tracking in settings to “Always” > add your vehicle (make & model) > record your odometer reading at the beginning of the year (on 1/1/2022) > Click Save > Click Done (upper left).

You can add multiple vehicles by clicking on the “+” at the bottom of the screen > Add Vehicle.

Now start driving. You do not need to open the app on your phone to track your trips, and the mileage tracker will not drain your phone’s battery. The app will automatically track the details of your trip including the start and end locations and kilometers travelled. Your trips will show up under the “unreviewed” tab in the app. Swipe left on the trips, if the trips are business related, and swipe right if they are personal trips. For business trips, the app will prompt you to record the business purpose of the trip. The AI of the app will store these trips & purposes and recognize them in the future if you make these trips again.

You can always add a trip if you took a trip without your phone in the car. To add a trip, go to:  “+” (at bottom of screen) > “Create Trip.”

For tracking ease, rules can be created for frequently driven routes.  These rules can set these routine routes to be always be recorded as personal or business.

Good Luck and Happy Mileage Tracking!

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